• Ср. Мар 22nd, 2023

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Vilari (Вилари) https://vilari.ltd

Vilari (Вилари) https://vilari.ltd

Официальный сайт:

Телефон: https://t.me/vilari_ltd_official

Адрес: support@vilari.ltd

О компании

Vilari is a company consisting of our professional traders with years of experience in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT.

We are engaged in speculative trading on global trading platforms such as: Binance, Bybit, Bitfinex. We have our own developed risk-management strategy, which allows us to conduct coordinated risk-management actions, designed to reduce the impact of uncertainty on the financial result.

We have also developed a fully automated and optimized bot that tracks trends, values and statistics of all the NFTs that our traders trade through. Our automated bot tracks trends in current NFTs and participates in pre-sales from multiple accounts and then sells at a higher price.

Our successful experience with NFT marketplaces led to the creation of our own sustainable digital art investment algorithms, which contributed to the creation of our own virtual VILARI marketplace products and the development of trading services to be launched in 2023.

Our company managed to accumulate finances in various cryptocurrencies, enough to launch VILARI EXCHANGE project within several investment years. Our service will be able to significantly reduce the cost of fees, as well as provide exchange services to third parties. ( Launch of VILARI EXCHANGE in 2023 ).

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